Trafficking nets 42.5 to 200 billion per year
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PMF for the Past 12 years

We have been lead in assisting U.S. Attorneys, States Attorney Generals, States General Assembly members, U.S. Congressional Leaders.  Assist International, federal, state and local Law enforcement to recover children.

Writing legislation that has been signed into law in many state. These laws strip Traffickers of all their assets & long term prison sentences.  Laws on Safe house for victims. 


HOUND COMICS - Zero Tolerance


Spokesperson for Project Meridian, Professional Wrestler, Actor & Author, Entertainment Entrepreneur “Brimstone"

Hound Comics , in conjunction with the Project Meridian Foundation , in an effort to extend awareness of the horrors of CHILD TRAFFICKING , bring you Brimstone  and The Borderhounds # 8 "Zero Tolerance"!  

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Hound Comics ’ newest issue will go to the Project Meridian. 

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Tallahassee, Florida Pam Bondi, Attorney General

PMF team leading the Charge with Florida's A.G, Pam Bondi  is Nathan Wilson, PMF founder and Florida's Women Organization Kathy Gibson, Bill Landis, Florida's Minutemen and many other Florida Partners.

 PMF for the past few years have been leading the run on Legislation to protect victims and to define the Laws on multiple bills we have now in front of leaders in Florida Thanks must go out for Governor Rick Scott   and Pam Bondi  in taken a stand for the Protection of the children and together countering sex trafficking in Florida!

Pam Bondi Attorney General Florida

Miami, Florida

 PMF's Nathan Wilson, & Attorney General Pam Bondi  Human Trafficking Bill Signing with Governor Scott

PMF's Nathan Wilson,and PMF's legislative assistant Ms. Wright, Attends Human Trafficking Bill signing.

PMF's Florida partners: Florida Alliance Kathy Gibson & Florida Minutemen Bill Landis.

PMF worked closely with Representative Gayle Harrell, William Snyder on House Bill 7049, which significantly increases penalties for human trafficking and provides the Office of Statewide Prosecution with jurisdiction to pursue these cases.

"Florida to be a zero-tolerance state for human trafficking,”  by:  Pam Bondi



Project Meridian in Latvia

Nathans discussion on countering human trafficking with the Deputy Minister of Justice, Secretary of State Attorney's. A separate meeting  also included the Minister Interiors office, Minster of Commerce and community business leaders in Riga, and other port cities in Latvia.

Minstry of Justice Latvia

"The Washington Times Interviews Nathan Wilson Founder of PMF"

"Sex trafficking in the U.S. called ‘epidemic"

 2012 - Sex trafficking is so widespread, said Nathan Wilson founder of the Project Meridian Foundation in Arlington, which helps L.E. identify traffickers and their victims, that “no country, no race, no religion, no class and no child is immune.” He said 1.6 million children under the age 18 — native and foreign-born — have been caught up in this country’s sex trade - Washington Times Written by Chuck Neubauer



Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit




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