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Online Intern Program Application

Intern Program Application


Application deadlines are as follows:  Internships -- PMF will need two Letters of endorsements will be email or sent to P.O. Box 2757, Arlington, Virginia 22202

· Applying for internship in: New York - Washington DC - Florida

· Requesting a Stipend? Yes No

· Applying for: Fall (Sept 5 - Dec. 21) Winter/ Spring  (Jan. 23 - May 23) Summer (May 28 - Aug. 15) Fall (Sept. 2 - Dec. 21)

· Last (Family Name):

· First (Given Name):

· Middle Name:

· Email Address:

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· Cell Phone:

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If you are not a U.S. Citizen, please complete the following:

· Date of Birth:

· City of Birth:

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· Country of Citizenship:

· Position in Home Country:

· Employer in Home Country:

· Visa Status:

· Enrollment Status: (Jr., Sr., Recent Graduate, Graduate/ProfessionalStudent)

· Total number of units/credits earned:

· Emergency Contact Information - Name, Type of Relationship and PhoneNumbers:

· High School:

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· Undergraduate School:

· City/State:

· Major/Minor:

· G.P.A.

· Additional Undergraduate Information:

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· G.P.A.

· Additional Graduate School Information:

· Are you applying for academic credit for this internship from your institution? Yes No

· If so, please provide the name and address of your internship advisor below - Advisor Name, Institution, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone and Email:

Please indicate which internships you are interested in (Please number at least five choices):

· Work areas: Administration Advance Office of CEO Communications Commitments Correspondence Web Development Domestic Policy Executive Office Foreign Policy Fundraising GraphicDesign HumanResources IT Legislation Marketing Online Operations Scheduling

· Project Meridian Foundation, Inc. Initiatives: Awarenessand Prevention of Human Trafficking Health Security US and International Law Issues relating to Human Trafficking Leadership,Business Development, and Citizen Service. Racial, Ethnic, Immigration, and Religious HIV/AIDS,TB, sexual transmitted diseases Initiative

· Combating Human Trafficking Global Initiatives: CHTGIUnited States of America Asia/Russia, Europe/UK Baltics/Eastern Europe Mexico,Central America and South America Communications Commitments Graphic Design Membership Operations Programming SponsorshipVideo/ Special Projects Administration Contract Finance& Accounting Human Resources Information Technology Recruitment Opposition working at home and dorms. Interns must have access to computers. Research Statistics Event Planning Assistant Volunteers

· List course work applicable to your specified program area(s):

· Indicate foreign language ability, including level of proficiency:

· Indicate computer literacy, listing specific software applications and proficiency level:

· List experience and extracurricular activities applicable to your specified program area(s):

· How many hours would you be available to intern during the work week?(M-F from 9-5)

· Please check the relevant boxes below: If necessary, I am able to extend my summer internship until the end of September.If necessary, I am able to start my fall internship as early as mid-August.

·  Application Checklist: 1copy Transcripts 1copies of current resume 1copies of short essay (Art of War how to be used to counter H.T.)  2letters of recommendation 3copies of stipend request with back up (if applicable)

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