Trafficking nets 42.5 to 200 billion per year
Objectives & Achievements

Worldwide Collaboration With Governments and NGOs

PMF focuses in the U.S.; but, due to the length of the crimes, PMF work worldwide combating human, sex and organ trafficking of children. As a international leader on this issue, PMF has a reputation for prompting legal and political reform against sex trafficking, and has expertise saving children.

PMF is collaborating with areas to include: Austria, Baltic's, Cambodia, Cyprus, Republic of Croatia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Thailand, Romania, U.S.

Safe Houses

PMF is plans the construction of 4 “safe houses”   to protect rescued victims, 3 in the U.S. and 1 off-shore.  The goal is to complete funding and Construction as soon as funding complete.

Prevention / Awareness

PMF pursues proper victim identification by public awareness, training and the enactment of effective anti-trafficking legislation that criminalizes traffickers and buyers (men and women).

PMF elevates awareness of the activities of internet-based sexual predators among 7th-12th grade students and their parents in Virginia via ongoing public speaking engagements at schools.

PMF elevates awareness and discussion at Universities to include: American University, Richmond University, Catholic University, Georgetown University,  and many others around the U.S.

PMF works with U.S. Attorney offices to fortify prevention and awareness.

PMF works with Attorney General's Offices to provide specialist training to state police officers in screening of victim care.


Tips to Completion:

PMF is worked with the task force, comprising the Human Smuggling Division in Washington DC, the FBI, I.C.E., various Departments of Homeland Security, the Dept of Justice, Miami FBI and the Thai government to pursue a "Trafficker" who was an American businessman and detected as a sexual predator and pedophile, selling girls and boys aged 5 to 7 years. Over a 30 day period, he was tracked from South Florida to Thailand, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Laos and Singapore. PMF is assisted in the on-going investigation.

PMF shared information with the Department of Defense, the Inspector General’s Office and the FBI, leading the investigation of Human Trafficking in the Florida Keys of young girls that resulted in recovered classified material and arrests.

PMF provided information to FBI and ICE (Immigration, Customs and Enforcement) in a case originating in Ireland and involving  U.S. entry ports of Miami and Los Angeles.

PMF has established solid working relationships with multilateral agencies, such as the United Nations, Interpol, and a range of international law enforcement agencies.

Gov Agency PMF


PMF has outlined state and federal policy legislation recommendations, tailored in response to federal legislation against U.S. trafficking.  As state legislation varies, we work with Attorney Generals, state attorneys, state legislators on policy.

PMF urges communities to take action to emphasize the need for policy changes. 

PMF helped to create Federal / State Legislation signed into law, to convict sexual predators and human traffickers.

PMF Miami, Florida -  Project Meridian's Nathan Wilson and Attorney General Pam Bondi Attended Human Trafficking Bill Signing with Governor Scott.   Nathan Wilson and PMF's Legislative assistant Ms. Wright attended Human Trafficking Bill Signing.

PMF Virginia - Project Meridian's Nathan Wilson, PMF's Ryan Haddad L-2 and law students interns wrote proposed legislation for Senators / Delegates on Human Trafficking Bills,which was signed into law Governor McDonnell. 

PMF  is now aimed at added legislation for Florida, Minnesota, New York and Ohio for 2013.

Rand Corporation’s Unclassified National Security Report

Nathan Wilson  effort's have become all the more relevant, given the recent conclusion reached in a unclassified National Security report excerpt commissioned by Mr. Frank Carlucci and Rand Corporation, which was completed by Ms. Rai Lay and established a direct link between illicit activities and Human Trafficking / Sex Trade and the financing of international terrorism.



PMF  has a Mentor-ship Program (Internship)  with Grad / Undergrad students:  Law, International Studies, Political Science, Criminal Psychology, Criminal forensic physiology studies, homeland defense, security, and Intelligence. 

Law students:  American University Law, Brooklyn University-Law, Catholic University-Law, Florida State University-Law, Georgetown University-Law, Liberty University-Law, University of Virginia-Law.

Undergrad:   Catholic University, Clemson University, Colorado State University, South Carolina University, North Carolina University at Wilmington, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Illinois Wesleyan University, George Mason University, Georgia Tech, Southern Methodist University, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Southern California, University of Pittsburgh, University of South Carolina, University of Southern Florida, University of Maryland, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, William & Mary University.

Nathan Wilson Co-Sponsor and Speaker of "Children in Slavery" Summit

PMF Nathan Wilson was a speaker on the relationship of Human Trafficking globally and its relationship with Gangs and Organized Crime Organizations that assist in funding Terrorism.

The presentation "Children in Slavery" was delivered at the 21st Century Summit to strengthen global commitment to the eradication of human trafficking.

The summit was held in Washington, D.C at Georgetown University's  Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and Institute for the Study of International Migration. 

The Summit  Chairs: Ann Holladay and G. Max Fratoddi.  Co-Chairs: Charles R. Black, Jr. The Honorable, J. Douglas Holladay, The Honorable Robert C. McFarlane, Jonda McFarlane The Honorable Ed Meese, Ursula Meese, The Honorable Myles Ambrose, The Honorable Don Bonker, Nathan Wilson, Carolyn Bonker, Velikonja, Dr. Deborah Budiani, William Aramony.

A key tenet was that there is an urgent need get business leaders involved with a Churchillian Call to Action. This Summit was designed to change the course of history and reduce the number of victims rapidly in the 21st Century. It offered not only the basic understanding of human trafficking, but most importantly, "practical solutions" for Heads of State and business leaders. The Summit classified "human trafficking" as "unacceptable".

PMF Nathan Wilson also spoke on a discussion panel for Students Stop Trafficking of Person organization (SSTOP) at Georgetown University on the subject of  "Human Trafficking in the U.S.". This panel included FBI, NGO and Human Health Service.

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